Why Telehealth is the most rapidly growing sector in medicine.


According to Towers Watson, by the end of  2019 over 60% of employers will offer Telehealth to their employees.  Why?  Telehealth  provides  convenient, cost-effective care.  95% of patients who  try  Telehealth will recommend it to a friend and will use it again themselves.  Telehealth is becoming part of the fabric of medical practice.

Who should use Telehealth?

Clean, easy, intuitive

The single greatest reason that physicians are reluctant to incorporate Telemedicine in their practice is technophobia – a fear of technology.  Our systems are simple:  easy to learn, use and navigate.


  • Can be learned in under an hour

  • Compatible with all EMR’s

  • Efficient, cost-effective

  • Makes practicing easier

As a working mom, with two boys under 4, nothing ever goes as planned. My 2 year old bit into a hard plastic straw and swallowed the piece. I wanted to know what I needed to do and if he’d be ok. After a brief phonecall and sharing of a jpg the doctor put me at ease. My son is safe and this service brought me piece of mind when I needed it most. Super glad I didn’t have to pack two kids up and arrange schedules to get into our doctor’s office for our question.
Erin F.
Great option for busy professional – helpful and caring. I would have had to try tough it out another day or 2 until I would have been able to go to my physician.
Alex K.
Telemedicine is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
I have used it 4 or 5 times over the past 12 months for things from an ear infection, to possible strep throat for my kids and for me I had poison ivy.
So easy to just call in and in a matter of minutes a doctor returns your call and discusses your symptoms and determines a course of action.
If you need a medicine they call it in and you can go get it in a matter of minutes.
I think anyone not using it is really missing out on the convenience, ease and significant time savings.
Andy H.
Hi, my name is Angela and my company utilizes this free service and we love it. Speaking on behalf of my family, my husband and I have both used it for when we were under the weather and when my husband had an eye infection even. It was so convenient to be able to log on to a computer and talk to a doctor right then and there, no waiting rooms! I love this service not only for its convenience but also because it’s FREE! I really appreciate this service and am glad I have it when my two boys get sick as well.
Angela C.
I called to talk about some foot pain that I was experiencing. The person that I spoke to was incredibly helpful. She asked me several questions about the kind of pain that it was, location, and duration of the pain. She then proceeded to list some potential causes and some simple recommendations to temporarily address the problem. She then gave me some pointers about finding a good provider to improve the pain. It was fantastic. Super easy and convenient and helped me to feel better.
Darling J.
I really do like this service. Two weeks ago I started to have a sore throat and I used this service for the first time. I called and got with a Doctor right away and told them my symptoms and he prescribed me with antibiotics right away. My prescriptions were sent right over to my pharmacy with no hassle. I did not have to wait long and it was a lot easier for me because I did it as soon as I got home from work. I made the call in my living room. For being a first time customer, I would gladly use this service again!
Jacob C.
I’m writing to say that my agency offered this benefit a couple of months ago, and I needed the services just last week. I had been battling what I thought was a virus that was improving but realized late in the evening one day last week that my symptoms were worsening. I was impressed with the ease and efficiency in which I was able to navigate the process and was so thankful to have a doctor respond so quickly. I was able to receive a diagnosis and prescription before my pharmacy closed for the evening! I will definitely be using this service again for myself and my family!
Rebecca R.
I used telehealth when we had a whooping cough scare at work. The intake staff were kind and efficient. The doctor called me back quicker than expected and was very compassionate and understood my symptoms. In a short period of time I was prescribed the proper antibiotic and all I needed to do was go to the pharmacy and retrieve it. The best part is there was no wait or cost associated with getting the help I needed. I would recommend this service to anyone.
Nicole G.
We can’t say enough about your service. A busy family of five doesn’t have time to be sick, let alone juggle schedules to get to a physician when one of us is sick.
Your services allow us the flexibility to call and make an appointment with one of your awesome doctors right over the phone! The doctor calls back in a timely manner and is very thorough when trying to determine how they may help you to feel better.
If medications are prescribed, you do all the work and phone it in to our preferred pharmacy, and we can pick it up at our convenience.
We can’t speak more highly about how wonderful this service is and what a blessing it is to our family!
Lori B.
Let me tell you about my own telehealth experience – I actually called on Wednesday night! My 2nd grader has seasonal allergies which often cause sinus infections… and in October, we ended up at Urgent Care for one of them. $135 later, we were on our way to pick up the antibiotic at the pharmacy. So, this week when the next infection occurred, I reached out to telehealth. Using their mobile app, I created an appointment at a convenient time for us (I also had the option to speak to a doctor right away). When the telephone rang, my son and I spent about 8 minutes on the phone with the pediatrician and the result was the same as last time… an antibiotic called in to the pharmacy. Only this time, my son was in his pajamas and we were in our living room! 🙂
I will DEFINITELY use telehealth again…
~ Convenient
~ Easy
AND… we actually talked to a pediatrician who understands kids.
Jennifer H.